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Peter Ridley established Heart of the Woods over 30 years ago from his home at Chipping Sodbury, on the edge of the Cotswold Hills.

He soon specialised in wooden jewellery making and moved into workshop premises nearby, where he is today. He has experimented with many different woods and the designs have evolved over the years, but he has always used clean simple shapes to allow the most important element, the character of the woods themselves, to be fully appreciated.

Wood The woods we used are all carefully selected from suppliers who only use sustainable sources for their products. Veneer The veneer boards are made for us, to our own colour specifications, and come in a vibrant range of colours.
Sawing We saw the timber to size in our own workshop, carefully working from larger sizes down to smaller to avoid unecessary waste. Rounding The sawn timber is then passed through a rounder to produce the dowel needed for the lathe.
Turning The beads are turned on our elderly custom built lathe which, over the years, must have produced many millions of beautiful beads. Assembling All Heart of the Woods wooden jewellery is assembled by hand in our own workshop near Chipping Sodbury on the edge of the Cotswolds.

Heart of the Woods jewellery can be seen at many major craft, county and agricultural shows throughout the country and in retail outlets in Bath, Cheltenham, Salisbury and elswhere.

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